Take a breathe

I think a lot of us in here are letting ourselves be too vulnerable to taking things in the wrong direction and getting ourselves worked up. Step back, take a deep breathe and think about how upset things get you. Then think about something nice, like a flower or a puppy or a funny memory. Now think about how we can get along and solve our problems. Enjoy yourselves, and exercise self actualizations in reality.


You’re spot on: we tend to be too vulnerable to taking things in the wrong direction. Take a breath, not just a respiratory breath, but a ‘breath’ in the broadest sense of the term.

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I just dip out when things upset me. I can only keyboard warrior for about 5 minutes before my brain is like


Yeah I think we just get ahead of ourselves sometimes even though we mean well. So it helps to sit back and look at where we’ve come from and develop solutions to those things we want to change. We tend to see the same solutions for similar problems, even if the problems are completely different. And as people whose pattern recognition is over stimulated and see things that aren’t there, we can easily become lost in these solutions. At this point it can be critical to think to yourself, “what am I doing?” And begin to think of new solutions to new problems and learn to separate new solutions from old ones. What I can advise to you is when you’re in that situation where you don’t know who or what you’re arguing is to go through this process and look at how the old ways worked and see how they relate to what you’re doing now and begin to use that if they will also work on your current problem.

I hope this made sense to you as it is ¹:30 am here and I had two cups of coffee that haven’t worn off since I had them at 7:30 p.m. so I’m over stimulated and exausted all at once and I am not making sense to myself at times.

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Honestly thus / that , e(Y)e Don’t Completely Understand , , ,

(altho tha fry guy subbie conscious poster is cool) … ,

e(Y)e Suppose First off , WHY Would that Ever Become a New Situation Within Your Personal Cube to Be Afraid of (???) ,

Lord Knows e(Y)e Have Been Among Plenty of “critical” Situations (being choked by a cop in a hospital can feel slightly “critical”) , Altho e(Y)e Was Jus Being Strapped to a bed … ,

No Big Deal Yo … ,

Ok , So … ,

e(Y)e Always Know What My Intentions Are … ,

So , For thee “others” Out There , Perhaps Become a " Free Thinker " … ,

and Stop With tha Herding Animal Devouring Swimsuit Model Loving Cheeseburger Carnival Clown Ride and Think, Think , Think … ,

For Yourself ,

& ,

Turn tha Lights On As You Leave … ,

Heading Towards a Beautiful Sunset … ,

With Hope , that Those Lights You Turned On Will Be Helpful … … …

Ya’know (???)


That’s what I’m waiting for

Amen to that

Anyway, good post @Apathy. I’ll keep this in mind. And yeah man you’re makin’ sense haha. Actually on my third coffee (recently picked up drinking coffee again ahhh) and its 2 a.m. here. arrgh

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