Tactiles - bugs

I’ve noticed after switching meds that especially when I’m sleep deprived, I have tactile hallucinations again.
Not the ones I used to have where I had to check several times a day because it felt like I’d soiled myself.

A new one.

Bugs. It feels like there’s a bug in my ear, that one’s almost constant, and when I get tired I can feel them on my skin as well. I know they’re not real, so they don’t really bother me, but it’s still a bit annoying.
I guess these meds aren’t strong enough to kill the tactiles, and at least I don’t hear voices anymore?

Is there any ways to get rid of tactiles? Does anyone else have this hallucination?
I remember about a year ago there was a user who freuquently posted about it, but I don’t think they’re here anymore.

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