Tactile hallucinations energy in the body

Has any one have gotten tactile hallucinations where they feel energy in the body and the voices tell you that there creating a hell for you with that energy. The energy feels euphoric some times like vibrating or pulses of air really hard to explain feels like fear to or mostly like energy .

Not that but i felt my heart spirit leave my body and i would do 2 or 3 way soul exchange
that felt like leaving my body and another entered mine which was like a badly fitting puzzle

or a warmth in womb area, like a seperate women’s energy or after sex, men’s

and internal hallucinations of moving penises along with the whole sex thing

Any body else have these feelings

I’ve had a throbbing blood sensation in my limbs the day of my psychotic break. Fairly certain it was a hallucination.

I’m sorry that I can’t give you more sympathy, the meds took away my positive symptoms for the most part.

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