Szondi test

Here it is. Let’s be honest, that smiling dude came from the depths of hell :laughing:


I picked one and here’s what it said :


If the heavy-lidded gaze of this woman disturbed you the most, you might be repressing exhibitionist (or attention-seeking) tendencies. This type is characterized by intense displays of shallow and unstable emotions, narcissistic tendencies, and the thirst for approval.


You may have an outwardly modest and reserved personality, but inwardly you’re secretly attracted to charming others and being in the spotlight. You are the type of person who values attention to detail, as can be seen in how much effort you put into your physical appearance (lavish clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.).

What to Do:

If you can relate to your result, here are some helpful ways to balance your psyche:

Journal – privately record and explore your thoughts, wishes, and desires. Be unfiltered and as expressive as you want to be: don’t repress anything!
Work on gaining your self-worth from within rather than having it depend on how much external attention others give you.
Regularly make time to connect to your Soul through prayer, poetry, acts of service, introspection, meditation, or other spiritual practices.
Art Therapy – draw, paint, scrapbook or otherwise artistically express your emotions. Art therapy is a proven way to help you achieve more inner balance and peace of mind.

I couldn’t decide between 3 and 4. All of them are pretty creepy to be honest

I got maniac…

I did not get “soft and youthful” at all here. I got “creepy blank stare”. The Denial part is so inaccurate as to make me giggle.

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Here’s the whole thing:

The whole thing’s full of crap, but it’s kind of fun anyways


I chose number two

Did this a while back and mine was actually the schizophrenic one lol.

That was my 2nd choice. Ick.

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I hate tests like this I feel like it trivializes our struggles…

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This test seems super offensive, but also kind of hilarious to make fun of. Extra points to them for redefining epilepsy as emotional outbursts, misspelling catatonic, and using the word manic. I just need one “psycho” to get negative stigma bingo!


My dark side is MANIAC (sorry guys)

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Mine said the same thing. It’s called an hysteric.

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