Sza's and Bipolars Vote: You will never get depressed or manic again in your lifetime on meds: TRUE? POLL:

You will never get depressed or manic again on meds, in your lifetime: TRUE?

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Is the “I” referring to you or the individual voting?

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The individual voting @LED .

Hopefully I don’t get hypomanic again, that’s fairly likely. But I will likely be depressed many, many more times. But luckily it’s just kind of moderate depression. Or often mild.

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I get depressed every day on meds. But I don’t get manic anymore.

You can still get symptoms on meds.

I know when I was on antidepressants I was still very depressed

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I’ll let you know when I get on a therapeutic dose.

Mania is unavoidable even on meds. So are depressive episodes.


I’ve managed to avoid both depression and mania over the last fourteen years. And I feel confident that I will continue to avoid both for the rest of my life, all the while being on meds.

I still get extreme highs and lows. The difference is I notice them a lot more so I can try and balance it out somehow. It’s worked for the past year but a year isn’t long enough to decide my future.

If you guys are still getting depressed and manic and getting “extreme highs and lows” on meds, what good is being on meds? The whole point is to be symptom free, isn’t it?

Meds can’t take away everything; they’re meant to help you cope, stay grounded in reality, and live the best life you can.


My meds and my many coping skills make me completely mood symptom free. It should be that way for everyone.

Sadly even if you are on a perfect med combo it’s not a guarantee just due to the nature of life. Sometimes in life crazy stuff will happen, you’ll have really stressful periods of times where you get crap sleep and that can override the effect of meds. Hopefully though the meds can make those episodes less intense when on them.

I have had only one depressive episode since starting depakote and it was much milder than normal. My last serious depressive episode was nearly a year ago now. I haven’t had a major psychotic episode in nearly 3 years now since discovering sleep was the key to managing it but I have definitely had breakthrough symptoms even when on antipsychotics just due to life events.


It doesnt work that way for everyone though. The object is to function. Symptom free is what everyone wants. But unfortunately not everyone can have. The reason meds are a thing is to make the condition managable.


No. Sometimes life throws extreme difficulties your way. It can trigger things like severe sleep deprivation trigerring an episode. I’m sz. But I still think this applies.


I guess I have to agree with you. I am very blessed to be symptom free.

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