SZA sucks!

Today I went out with my girlfriends to a High Tea and we had fun. Today I also learned that they were planning to go to New Zealand in 2016. They (my friends) decided that I couldn’t come because of my mental illness - they didn’t want the responsibility of “looking out for me”. I was hurt but didn’t show it.

Since I’ve developed schizophrenia, my close friends have stopped inviting me to events and plans. It hurt at first. But then I talked to them about it and they told me that, realistically, they did it out of concern for me, as they thought those events would be too overstimulating or triggering for me. And I started thinking about it, I realized that they were right. And a week long trip to Costa Rica probably WOULD be too much for me.

So try to think from their perspective and not be hurt about it.




That is sad news. Some of our opportunities are limited by our SZA – sometimes rightfully and sometimes wrongfully. In any case, “they don’t know what they’re missin’.”

I have the same problem trying to tell my husband I don’t think I will be able to cope with going on Hajj to Mecca (As Muslims we are duty-bound to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in a lifetime). I said to him I don’t think I could cope with the crowds there and all the hardships, even for a week, because of my illness. It scares me to even think about it, as much as it is a lovely sacred place. Yes, sz sucks!

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Most of my family has been very patient and supportive of me. A few of them are keeping me at a distance, though, but I think it is because they think I will sponge off them.

I too went through that… family making plans with out me… I was so hurt.

I once went to a state swim meet despite my family’s warning. I was trying to prove to them that I could handle a three day swim meet to support my sis.

What a horrid idea. I had an episode and I punched a hole in a hotel room wall and my family and my sis missed two of her swimming events because they had to drive me home and get me to a doctor.

@Fearghas- I’d say, really assess how you’re doing. If you think you can handle it, you can find meds and a doc along the way, and the airport and all the confusion won’t be too much for you… talk about finding ways to cope so you can go.

Maybe start off with a smaller trip… a road trip and see how that goes before you end up in a different country with no support system that you’re familiar with.


perhaps they were really thinking about your mental state and did not want to see you hurting, maybe it was an act of love not the other.
take care