Sza or so they say lol

Well let’s see … I never heard voices before or seen things that weren’t really there ? What do you think?

How about the other symptoms?

Signs and symptoms of schizoaffective disorder may include, among others:

Delusions — having false, fixed beliefs
Hallucinations, such as hearing voices
Major depressed mood episodes
Possible periods of manic mood or a sudden increase in energy and behavioral displays that are out of character
Impaired occupational and social functioning
Problems with cleanliness and physical appearance
Paranoid thoughts and ideas

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So what do you experience if you don’t experience those things?

No drive I lay in bed 90% of my time for the last 12 years

I don’t hear or see things also. I’d probably be dead if I did.

I Shall Do My Thing Rite Now … ,

Jus Dissecting Tha Word , Don’t Mynde Me … ,

)Dis - Order( - )OR Perhaps( - )Thus Order(

As If To Say It’s An Individualistic Way To Annahlyze Reality … ,

Ok Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program …

God speaks to me :slight_smile: it is not a delusion or a hallucination or voice, its a natural thing and it happens to us all but not everybody listens, i listen to the one true God, the God of heaven,

still need meds but that is for other things :frowning: i sound like a right raving mad loony here but i hear him not just in mind but in spirit too,

he sends me signs because he is pleased with me, thats why i love my God so much and i pray and worship him because he does so much for me and all i want to do is give back.

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