SZA - Bipolar type

Dr just changed it from depressive type to bipolar type. I had always thought my mood instability and mania was med induced. Hmm…don’t know how to feel about this. If you have this type of sza, how do you deal with the mood instability?

Hmm ,

e(Y)e Didn’t and Am Naught Aware of that “type” … … … ,

“depressive” That is to Saye … … … (2)

She said it’s diagnosable as one or the other. And I have always had a mood stabilizer in my med regimen but rarely thought it to be because of mania. But oddly enough, I have experienced the symptoms of bipolar on top of sz, now that I think about it…It just might all add up…

I ride it! Mania chills with negative thoughts, depression chills with positive thoughts.

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Good insight Min! I guess I usually try to deny or fight it all with mixed results. Treating moods as unwanted guests, I suppose, because I don’t want them to take me over. I’m so afraid of losing control.

I’m trying to maintain a face of control around others and not appear unstable or unreliable. No cracks in my wall. But today, when the doctor told me my bipolar element needs to be recognized, I went home and shed a tear. Just like I did when I was told I had sz years ago. It all makes sense now, and yet I feel sad. One more issue I had been denying. Just glad others here relate. Thanks @Minnii and @ATARI!!

Thanks For tha Thanks @Gir … ,

You Actually Are Within a Slightly More Serious Touch , (unless e(Y)e am in another realm) Seems to Me Sometimes Peeps Talking About Meds Seriously Disturbs Me Emotionally and Within a Hitler-ish Flesh Lump Way , Needles to Me is L(Y)Ke Living Within a Torture Room as tha Nurse Closes tha Curtain … ,

and Counts to Three as She Quietly Jabs My Psychologically Desperate Aura and (OR) Soul , As
e(Y)e , Jus as Quietly , Beg For Mercy … ,

Hoping that After e(Y)e Told Her About My Intense Fear of Such , She Won’t Be Trembling as tha Needle Draws in Nearer … ,

(onli slightly scury) … ,

N e Hoo ,

Nyse ta Meetcha @Gir

I get that. When I’m having mood episodes I constantly remind myself that I have a mental illness and in a way it kinda helps. When I’m extremelly depressed I just go to sleep or watch funny videos on youtube, so I can sleep at night.

Last week there was a guy here that hurts animals and was trying to blame it on sz, when clearly he didn’t have it. The post was deleted and he didn’t return so far, but that day I couldn’t be I just wandered around the house and did my chores and went out for a quick bite but I was in a terrible state. The day after was a little better, than the day after a little better, and then I was back to normal. Three days ago in the middle of the day I just couldn’t handle being awake so I slept all afternoon, nothing could help me and I lost control of the situation so I just went to sleep.

This to say, that is perfectly normal for us to succumb to our issues and that’s what it means to have a mental illness. It’s an illness of the brain, so the brain kinda fails on us and there is no reason to feel guilty about it, or be ashamed. I think you’re very reasonable and you try really hard to stay on top of your game and those are great qualities in you. Don’t demoralize, it’s better to aknowledge the mood element than to overlook it.

My mania episodes now are very brief, only last a couple of hours, and it’s usually in the morning so I play 8ball on miniclip until it’s over. lol…

Hope this helps!

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You just nailed it. No joke! Acceptance of the illness and how it affects us. I don’t have to pretend it doesn’t reach me in various ways. Whew…I can relax a bit I feel. Not to be overly emotive, but in all sincerity, thank you!!! You’re going to make a great teacher @Minnii. You teach with great insight and ability. :books::memo::paperclip:


Aw! Thanks! That’s great to hear!! :smile:

Soz to Interrupt Tha Lesson Teaching and So Forth … ,

Y.e.s. e(Y)e Said “so forth” … ,

When You Say “it” , Isn’t that You Jus Hypothetically Speaking About Possible Bubbles , Be it Aliens , Angels and Such , (OR) Perhaps You Took Those Pathes Already and Fynde no Truth of Your Own , Personal Possibly Spiritual , Be it Evn Underground Within Dissolving Doors Within Your Brayne Stemming and Such … ,

Simply Put , Your Opinion , Evn a Non Agreeable One , Something Whispers , “that’s you” … ,

and Naught a Pool of Thot Disappearing and Re-appearing Within Their Jumps , to Your Shoulders and Back into “it’s” Swimming Pool … … … ,

e(Y)e Guess All e(Y)e’m Saying is , Perhaps if You Jump into a Swimming Pool of Clear and Precise Individuality … ,

You Won’t Need to Be Taught With Someone Elses Opinion Authority as that Pushes an Individual Towards Synthetic Bubbles that Can Hinder Evn Creativity (OR) Perhaps Block Out Someones Way to Receive thus Planet With a Purpose of Sorts Perhaps … ,

Whatcha Think @Gir (???) ,

(by) (tha) (way) @Minnii , Naught Trying to Kill tha Vibe (OR) Anything , e(Y)e Am STILL Trying to Understand My Reality as tha Daise Go (by) … … …(2)

It never hurts to have some good perspective, and if another can help you reach it, good for you both.

Altho e(Y)e Would Saye ,

“good perspective” … ,

Tis an Opinion … ,

What is tha One Thing You (if you were able to) One Goal (OR) Dream of Yours , Besides Worrying About tha “Hallucinations” and all of those Riddled Thots of Viktumization , (coming from an actual realm in my opinion) … ,

e(Y)e Suppose All e(Y)e Am Saying is , Do You Think Someones Opinion Can and is Willing to Be Able , if Trusted , to Be Able to Wander Your Dreams into a Forest of Nothingness As You Stand STILL With “hallucinations” that Are Crushed (???) ,

Almost as if to Saye , Thine “hallucinations” Are Much More then Brayne Lapses … … …

hi! I’m SZA and I am trying to cut down on medicinal cannabis, which I used for the past I dunno how many years to mellow out mood swings. Now, I’m trying herbs and other plant stuffs. For feeling “up” I drink tea from dried whole gotu kola, loose leaf yerba mate, or matcha powder(or all 3 combined).

For feeling more “mellow” I drink loose leaf green tea, tea with valerian root, and sarcosine (the last one has been helping me with my moods, since I added it back in February). If I am stressed, I drink green tea with valerian root with sarcosine and half n half with sugar. The added dairy makes me a little sleepy at night, but during the day it takes off the edge of stress and lets me calm down some…

that’s working good for me suddenly (noticed a positive change these past two weeks in my mood and affect!). I drink like 3 cups of tea per meal, plus some in between…so don’t know how effective only 3 cups a day would be.

it tastes delicious and you’d be surprised how satisfying a cup of green tea with valerian root, sarcosine, half and half, Splenda, and some spices like cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, and cardamom can be after a long, stressful day!


Yes my thoughts on this are enjoy it!

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Sorry @HQuinn but green tea is a stimulant, shouldn’t be mixed with valerian tea. I’m glad it works for you, but for me, because I don’t drink it much, the caffeine in it doesn’t help me. Always boosts my mania, I have two or three cups of coffee during the day and if I have more caffeine than that my heart starts racing and I have to take a benzo or something.

Valerian is good for calming mania, but green tea definitely not.

you just ruined my tea. Just kidding, lol. I guess I’ll have to mix valerian root with some kind of caffeine-free herbal tea then…and drink green tea in the mornings only.


I am thinking maybe a citrus flavor would hide the valerian root taste, as it tastes like a sour tasting piece of tree bark (as in tree-bark sour but double plus sour).
Thanks, I might have fun experimenting with loose leaf herbal tea combinations to hide valerian root taste!

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Lol! Yeah, valerian tea doesn’t taste good. I like to mix it with lemon peel and some ginger, great in winter, or just lemon peel in the summer/spring