Sz yes or no?

1991 - mental illness set in

diagnosed as sz many years later when i agreed to see a pdoc

the only positives i had - used to be suspicious of my family members and would get violent sometimes.

no positives now, only negatives i think so

but i dont think i have sz

what do u think?

Suspicions only are not enough for sz.
I don’t know. I’m not an expert.

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ya right but used to get violent too but thats gone now

Violence isn’t a symptom of schizophrenia

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then its a symptom of what?

so if i never had hallucinations and the above 2 r not +ve symptoms then how was i diagnosed as sz?



but i showed to a couple of doctors and they both diagnosed as sz

so r they wrong?

It’s doesn’t sound like sz.
At least not a typical case of patient with voices
or persecutory delusions or grandeur etc.
Doctors know better than me

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My fourth doctor said i only had 50 percent of the schizophrenia i dont know if that even makes sense he also said i have symptoms of autism.

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ya u r right

i dont show any of those symptoms

have the doctors screwed me up?

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yes thats strange, what does he mean by 50%

its strange and

perplexing in my case too

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Don’t care about the title.
As long as you’re sane and healthy,
you can leave sz label behind.
Prove that you’re not ill

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I didnt ask him but he might told me that since i said to him i didnt have strong delusions but the voices is what were killing me i dont even have negatives.

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I won’t say I m mentally healthy

I have some problems for sure

Well maybe the voices did you in

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