SZ vs Aspergers

This is A question to people who have SZ,but know enough about aspergers to make a choice. In not so early times SZ was mistaken for aspergers,and vice versa. Aspergers is a spectrum of autism in individuals who are very high functioning,Albert Einstien,Thomas Jefferson were suspect to have some form of it. For me it comes down to what my greatest fear is,I don’t want to be alone,and since most of the time I can communicate,and connect,hard to do somtimes I would choose SZ over Aspergers since I think their social isolation can be much more constant.The down side of SZ is I think the mental torment somtimes that feels like Devils are ripping ,an tearing your mind apartt.I was just curious

I get curious about things too sometimes.

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No I meant curious of which one you would choose to live with

Oh, I don’t know enough about Asperger’s syndrome, but I’m sure it has a lot less symptoms than SZ. You don’t get voices with it. You don’t get delusions of reference. It doesn’t make you want to kill people.


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Idunno about that.

I was never diagnosed with Asperger’s but my Uncle sent my Mom information about it years ago and mentioned me.

Examples, please?

I just think it is rude to go on a forum dedicated to SZ and those suffering from it just to post such an asinine opinion!

I don’t have any examples of actual violence. But my pdoc thinks I’m on the spectrum and I get homicidal ideation (without plans or intent) when I’m agitated / overloaded. I’ve also known other aspies who often get fantasies of killing people. It’s to do with severe agitation / overload, but there is no actual intent/plan/violence. I am very sure that not all aspies are like this, of course. It has also been studied that aspie children can become very destructive (outwardly and to the self) when overloaded / having meltdowns. A common reason parents decide to medicate their aspie children is due to aggression. I think as adults most of us learn not to act out in such ways, better self-regulation by adulthood for most. Women on the spectrum can also easily be misdiagnosed as Borderline because ASD can involve self-destructive/self-harming behaviors, depression from isolation, social paranoia, etc. I think it’s like with most disorders/illnesses in that if it gets combined with poor anger processing/management, it can lead to violent thoughts easily.

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But yes I also agree it’s in poor taste to compare disorders like there’s a buffet.

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I was in a bad mood already too! :smile:

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I don’t know much about aspergers. I did watch a south park episode where cartman put burgers down his pants. I think he was trying to get diagnosed with aspergers. Lol I think the episode was called ass burgers.

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I think my social interaction/isolation problems are certainly greater than most people just diagnosed with psychosis/sz ,although I don’t carry an aspergers or similar(NVLD) dx.
The paranoia and social anxiety which exacerbates the social isolation is very much connected to negative peer reactions as a teen to my physical and social awkwardness.
I’ve not had proactively violent thoughts but have sometimes wished people who have hurt me would die an agonising death.

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Dont know if @mortimermouse is still posting here but i think he knows about this

This guy was an excellent communicator… not typical of Aspergers I don’t think

I know plenty of Aspies who communicate well, although many of us have made a point of learning how.

I’m diagnosed with both. I would like to see a cure found for SZ. I would like for science to find a way to make Asperger’s an airborne contagion. I need more people who think like me.

I have more trouble with the SZ side of things. People winding up symptoms, voices, etc. I find the Aspie side to be manageable, even without meds. I can’t manage my SZ without meds.

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I can relate (of how I respect you previous poster) to feeling like you might have asperger’s syndrome. I almost got there with a diagnsosis of such, but then I’m like hell no I grew up fast and became a man real young, but hell looking back, yes it could have saved me, yes it could have been true, true perhapse I was born brilliant only to be dumbed down and blakced out at the mistakes of who were expected to be adults around me. Maybe that was the modis operandi, maybe the rag come into my room at night were true. What does that make me come now out the N-Word…the sexual jabs at women I feel come from within me. Me…dubbed a male feminist at Clark University one night after a showing of the Vagina Monolougles, after I taught you to [play guitar to drums and encouraged you with all my heart to sing you’re own heart out beccause I couldn’t.

Where does that leave me and not to leave opne on the spot where does that put us as a species (whatvever you are)

What are you? Is what I never got to ask.

That’s not even true with sz

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Thanks it seems like you saved my butt.I’m just fascinated by both,and sense there a lot alike.