Sz video game

Its called hellblade…basicly the vikings attacked the main characters village and she slowly dips into madness…they said they used the info from a PhD to create a video game that shows in a real and captivating way…how it feels to have a major break down into sz…thoughts…is this a good thing or a bad thing…

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I couldn’t paste the link in that post doubleshits…

Should we support this and play it…I think it may be triggering…trippleshits…

It sounds intriguing.

Some excerpts from the game description from the link:

"The game’s protagonist experiences psychosis, and suffers from depression and anxiety. Her ‘journey into hell’ is a manifestation of her mental health,”

“Ninja Theory wants players to understand what it’s like for people suffering mental health issues”

“To ensure an accurate portrayal, the team collaborated with Paul Fletcher, a psychiatrist and professor of Health Neuroscience from the University of Cambridge.”


Lol with the constant voices running through my head I tend to make games out of that. Now if only I could get some CGI attached to them.

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Here’s a previous thread on this topic

I found this video development diary on portraying hearing voices in the videogame pretty interesting.

I might have to play this game.

It sounds as if they approached the mental illness aspect of the game with understanding as opposed to a demonizing portrayal of schizophrenia like the media tends to do. It doesn’t sound like the character is a psychotic killer maniac but more like a troubled survivor of tragic events. It leaves me wondering how the game will turn out. I have a feeling she’ll be in the danger to self and danger to others category. She may be psychotic but at least there will be a story behind her. Not like a news headline but more about insight into why she may do what she does. The premise sounds very interesting, I hope the gameplay will be fun. Judging from the trailer, her auditory hallucinations are done really well. I had read about this game before but thanks for the update.