Sz the fallen people?

I think we are the old ones. We held revered places in ancient times. Soothsayers, shamans, seers, the druids ect. I think if it was nurtured properly it was an amazing gift. We lost the knowledge to harness this power. We no longer train it and its become uncontrollable.

I disagree. I think it’s a disease and always has been.


Potatoes are falling from the sky! The end is nigh!

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you must be irish

if only I had wheels I could be a bicycle…

why, are you made from wood?

In tribal societies we would have been the medicine men (or, persons)

All the people here who think that and then go off their meds to ‘train’ their SZ? They go full on whackdoodle and become utterly useless. Over the years I’ve seen some – who WERE healthy – damage themselves so badly that they’re now flat out ■■■■■■ for the rest of their lives.

I have a health condition. I manage it. That’s all. Nothing more to it than that. Sure, it’s possible that you can make ‘more’ out of your SZ than it currently is, but that’s by making yourself sicker and permanently ■■■■■■■ up your brain.No one will wind up admiring you for it in the current day and age.

Your choice, man.



I should have wrote more. Not only do i feel its impossible to control now but in modern society it would have no real place. I was trying to say its kind of like left over genetics it had a purpose but human society has evolved.

I gotta agree with @MrSquirrel, its an illness and its a terrible one at that. I don’t believe anymore that I have special powers, meds helped me realize that. its scary to feel special while losing your mind especially for those around you.

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