Sz runs down my faith


i hate to admit it but all the suffering from my sz runs down my faith so much I almost lost it and I need it very much.



@ifeelblessed hugs maybe spend a little time each day specifically for meditating on your faith?


I found that just about everything that could be SZ related actually built my faith.

There are times I thought God wasn’t around or wasn’t helping but prayed anyways, even insisting on intervention, like Jacob wrestling with the angel of the Lord and not letting go until he was blessed.

It has to be an active faith…get in the power of it, use it to confront every situation head on. Even if it doesn’t seem to be working, it eventually will. Some breakthroughs are in a short time, others can take days, weeks, months, depending…


I feel the same way. Don’t give up.



@ifeelblessed I would really try praying more, I feel that when I talk with God, I have no fear of having a lack of faith. I pray continually while I go through the days. Good luck. You are a great person !!


thanks for the compliment jukebox.

you are special as can be yourself!!!

love, judy


we all need to believe in something…
be it god…
our family…
remember you may feel this way but your faith has not lost heart in you…
your faith knows you are tired …sz and therefore ill.
your faith will always be there for you.
take care :alien:


thank you darksith. I agree with you on the need to believe.

it’s a beautiful something you wrote here, thanks again.



Please don’t give up.


Hi @ifeelblessed,I can totally relate what you say about sz the ilness that runs down people’s faith

I was actually collecting willpower and all the positive energy to beat down sz,but it’s just too hard,I need people’s help…I need some sort of faith and positive energy,all negative emotion is just bringing me down no matter how hard I try??

Anyone on this board please tell me what should i do to help myself??


mobc, first of all you gotta try yourself and then you gotta find a direction to turn to get more support, i.e. family, church, community, etc.

you’re a real nice person mobc and don’t let it all get you down. good luck to you.



Thank you @ifeelblessed my mood episode comes like 2 months once and the last mood episode last for 2 months which is awful,it’s not a kind illness,and good luck to you and hope you do well!!


My personal opinion is to, (hold the divine and forget the bs)


I’ve had the same issues. My faith seems to ebb and flow nowadays. Trying to stay strong and tell myself this all happens for a reason. Good luck to you.


hi. thanks for all the kindnesses here you’ve shown me.

I think forgiveness is a key especially for us with psz. I for one need to forgive those that stepped on me badly. even if they really meant to hurt me purposely.

I see now often that these same people have MI of their own and cannot really help themselves. I am trying to forgive and even forget.