SZ Research Institute - Meet our researchers – Katie Allen

Curiosity led Katie Allen to start her career in schizophrenia research, but the opportunity to bring about real change in people’s lives has encouraged her to continue her search to understand the causes of schizophrenia. A PhD student who graduated from Macquarie University, Katie has worked in the Schizophrenia Research Laboratory* for more than four years under the supervision of Dr Samantha Fung, Dr Tertia Purves-Tyson and Professor Cyndi Shannon Weickert.

Her area of interest lies in investigating the changes that occur in the adolescent brain, specifically the levels of testosterone and the effect they have on the hippocampus. “There have been lots of studies into adult brains but not a lot in adolescence and we’re particularly interested in this period of time because this is often when schizophrenia develops,” Katie explains.