Sz quit smoking adventures

So as you all might recall my passion for naturalistic supplementation in the face of neurological difficulties.

I pinned down a better way to supplement choline… Which is the prominent component of acetylcholine, which is the chemical displaced by nicotine. Turns out that lecithin is a strong source of choline. You can find many foods that are rich in choline but also a lot of choline supplements are considerably pricey. It was something I was told to try by the supplement girl around here.

What happens in on the physiological level in most addictions is that a naturally managed healthy system becomes corrupted and then dependent on external chemicals. In this case nicotine.

The brain/body have a certain homeostasis regarding what functions best for the body. You’ll find that universally all of the body self-regulating mechanisms operate similarly. Too little of a chemical triggers the production of more and then too much triggers the production of a counter chemical that breaks down the excess. Even the conceptual “half-life” of chemicals in the human body fit into this schema… the less of a toxin, the less the body treats it like a concern because it’s triggering less of the counter measures.

So homeostasis is your body and diet doing the best it can regarding it’s genetic capacity to maintain a sense of regular function and consistency. It’s inclined to maintain a singular state and can remind you with all kinds of cues and responses in just how to maintain it. A craving for milk or chocolate here or the smell of the roast causing the stomach to churn and the mouth to salivate… etc…

The problem with addiction is that the effected systems are hijacked and homeostasis becomes totally wrecked. The process of withdrawal is the body seizing of it’s internal lack of sense as it wrestles to recall and reactivate all the old mechanisms of metabolism and peace within the central nervous system.

To clarify my purpose here I’m saying that if you understand what systems are effected and how to augment them then you can facilitate a more proper chemical transition away from dependency with curbed withdrawal symptoms.

So those of you who are trying ot control smoking. I’d highly recommend picking up the $10 bottle of lecithin instead of that next pack of smokes and try taking it 3 times daily… Your body should respond more easily as the components are readily available… to transition from being dependent on nicotine back to the regular actylcholine.

If you do manage to quit… you’ll curb the deficits that rob your internal self of a sense of peace. It’s all nicotine does… it stimulates the autonomous nervous system… and it is what leads to depression and anxiety… not in totality, but in a major way.

I mean regarding smoking… the grass is truly greener on the other side. Relaxation is easier to attain and count on… a whole host of triggers are reduced to a level that is entirely more acceptable and less upsetting.

I’m just saying that, because my repertiore of supplements just got a whole lot stronger. I can utilize lecithin as an indirect but effective was of keeping my body calm and it bridges a major gap in the transition away from being a smoker.

Even after quiting there is still a phase (withdrawal again) where the body doesn’t know how much actylcholine to make… and it will likely (if left alone to own devices) only slowly restore all the chemical markers that optimize it’s use of choline…

It’s more about playing with homeostasis… I can raise my choline levels to boost my bodies capacity to product the actylcholine to my liking and more rapidly… without facing the major chemical deficits of smoke cessation.

From there my homeostatic condition is mine to dial… Supplement to the levels I like and then ween myself in a way that has my body trained to expect and the fulfill a new homeostasis. It works all around with a whole lot of the chemicals that the body produces on it’s own… All the proteins… which is everything from neurotransmitters to hormones… so long as adequate and comprehensive protein is coming in from the diet… this system is very sound way of breeding resilience into the brain/body…

I’m not a certified doctor… but I’ve never read anything that negates these principles… Just a heads up on an advantage for those who might struggle with extreme nicotine dependence… it’s a matter of your acetylcholline levels as much as the frequency and amount of nicotine that you smoke… regarding the human body… they are two sides of the same coin.

:smoking:… all that said I’m still a smoker… though I did just do the 20+ hours without a cig thing to detoxify and check my operability. (I’ve been supplementing lecithin for 3 days at this point.) After the first 6 hours it was pretty easy breezy and I got a good nights sleep.

So good luck!

Interesting read. I’m not sure but it took Champix to cure me of smoking.

I understand what your saying but nicotine receptors are a bitch. You feed them they actually breed so you need more of the drug. I’m not sure how you interpret that? I’d suspect it’s hard to find balance which is what your saying but nicotine recpetors exist and not sure how many things like chocolate etc respond to such things.

Food for thought. It’s interesting but is it clinically effective?

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Yeah but receptor sites can die off as well… All I know when it really comes down to it is that the chemical that is supposed to be triggering that is acetylcholine… and if the body isn’t used to producing it supplementation might aid… more of a transitional thing. I’m sure once the body is left alone nicotine free it will eventually get to it’s point of maintainability and homeostasis.

Hah thanks for reading though bro!

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Lol you should try really small dose of wellbutrin. Doctors prescribe it for quitting smoking and it works. It worked with me. Google if you dont believe.