SZ Magazine

I didn’t know there was a schizophrenia magazine. Just saw it at my clinic yesterday. Has anyone here read it? I am going to check out submissions guidelines as that’s what I did for a living and see if I can get published with them.


is it online? any links? x

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No site that I can find. I see mentions but isn’t up.


@ZombieMombie When I googled SZ Magazine, a post came up on this forum from a few years ago. :hushed:

I wrote a autobio piece for them about 15 years ago…they had just started out…then my ex wife did a piece to for them…I think they pay $100 for you to write for them…

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Can you find them online?

i would think their magazine would come up in a google? I haven’t tried.

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Interesting. I’m going to have to Google it tomorrow. :grinning:

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