Sz is treatable at the right time in your life

20’s yeah get on meds

30’s you’ll quit them from time to time

40’s better than being homeless

if you get beyond @Ridgerunner like you, blessings


I had the “better than being homeless” moment at 25. I guess I’m a quick learner. Or mature for my age? :smile:


i was force medicated,

its probably better if your compliant but my ordeal only lasted 5 minutes and then it was ‘medication time’

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Apparently it’s been theorized that if you are determined to be at risk for developing sz or if you’re at the prodromal stage, if you take APs before your first episode you may never actually develop the disorder and thus be able to prevent it entirely. And it’s true that the earlier you start meds the better your prognosis, someone who gets meds after their first episode’s prognosis is a lot better than for someone who has 20 years of episodes before getting help.

I went about 15 years from onset of symptoms to start of medication. I got help for my mood disorder a little sooner but didn’t start APs until this year.

a long time ago @firemonkey said I’d have avoided my first major fall if I was on meds early

but I never would have had my kids

and never finished my degree.


Well I just said prognosis was better not that if you start late there’s no hope for you. Things can still improve! I went 11 years without treatment for my depression which is supposed to drastically lower how effective antidepressants will be for me but I still got use from them…(it’s weird, not sure why it affects effectiveness) I’ve had psychotic symptoms my whole life but didn’t have a full blown episode until I was 16 so that means I went about 3 or 4 years before I started treatment on APs. I’ve had less success with those but risperdal worked really well. So there’s hope! :slight_smile:


If I got on meds early, I would be a successful speech therapist in Philly, and I would never have met Mr. Star. I guess it’s a trade-off.


for my daughter, cystic fibrosis, I didn’t want it to get her psychologically

I did everything to avoid the constant contact with the disease.

She did well.

I don’t know. Mind over matter.


Yeah, you raised some pretty awesome kids.


Thanks it does get you eventually though sadly

@Daze I was lucky or bless how ever you want to look at it. Sometimes things just fell into place.
I have never stop dreaming that I could do better. I had to give up a lot of dreams over the years. But I always found a new dream to follow

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I do believe nothing can be done to those who reinvent
or find new ways.

God bless you.

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Hey, I’m still not on meds. And yeah I’m getting delusions but no negative symptoms. Wonderful and I am able to lead a normal life but not a responsible life. All thanks to nootropics because nootropics upgraded my brain.


What are nootropics?

If you’re symptomatic, please get on AP


nootropics are medication that are also known as brain enhancing drugs with least side effects when taken properly

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Since i was diagnosed in 2000 i been on meds ever since and im 37 now and still on meds…

And i been discharged from my phych dr many yrs ago now…

i just carry on with my life taking my meds…

I been told to keep on taking my meds or i will be unwell again…


Probably going on street and shelters yet again, this fakig environment I’ve chosen to live… My bad

At every opportunity somebody is trying to break in my ground flor studio, 3 big ass windows that takes a screwdriver to open, its been 7 month not a single night sleep… Patrols, deterrances, interventions… it feels like someone opened my brains. It hurts so bad.

Thanks for wasting 6 month of my life dear social workers, and accomplishing zero to help me. In fact… Hence going back on street. Can’t read this shet no more.

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im not being monitored any more so i dont know if i should stop taking my meds or what so i just keep on taking them

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@Daze Daze do you believe that social psychologist can really damage sick individuals brain?

These enterpreneurs invented concepts that has nothing to do with mental well being. And strategies they use are only to please governments, since they are desperate to keep their contracts with government running.

Stay away from them people, and get a help from real psychiatrists only. I’ve seen it all