Sz is interferring with school and work

I can’t concentrate because of the voices. I am on mediation that helps slightly but I still hear them and see people that aren’t there.

Have you talked to anyone about an IEP yet?

I’m too afraid to mention it to my parents. I don’t want to think of myself as disabled. Life is just so difficult right now.

You are disabled. If your condition prevents you from functioning as well as the general population, that is disability. There is no shame in it. I can only work part time, and that is okay. You might need extra supports with school, and that is okay too. There is a reason those supports are there. If you take them, you will be more successful.


Sometimes you can get harassed by professors & students too…I would consider finishing GED online if I were you or finish up college online. You need to stick with the study like appointments and push to get through it.

In college, the harassment can be HORRIBLE. So you need to take a note from mental care to disability support services. If you get mistreated, then you can sue…They can help you take tests in another room, get alternative assignments if you have to work in group with someone disruptive and can give you extra clarification on assignments if professor starts to deviate from syllabus. You can find out if you are passing and what work you need to change…Hate it but some people in high places do mistreat schizos, take it calmly and you will be tolerated and accepted eventually…

Only work or only go to school…do too many things and any crap you receive from mistreatment will overload you too easily. Just do one thing and do it well, taking the crap gracefully without answering (document, follow protocol for sex harassment/hostile behaviors, record conversations if you can, turn into HR if necessary to complain to management & take log with you)…

Locally, some kids just went through college doing the required ‘free’ internship needed to graduate…then they waited even a few years for a professional ‘enough’ job, though not necessarily in your field. Some of the skills may just transfer only. Noted lots of 20s something who won’t work fast food or retail because their coworkers will act too crazy & it just rubs off on each other causing worse psychosis symptoms…I think working in the stores with employees harassing customers verbally actually makes the okay employees go crazier. May not be worth it to take some jobs any longer, it’s only trouble and barely enough money to keep yourself clothed/car running…

[quote=“Brightside, post:3, topic:34927”]
I don’t want to think of myself as disabled.
[/quote]In my situation I know for a fact that I have some type of nerve damage in the brain. It causes intense pains on certain days & I basically spend all day catering to its recovery.

It’s okay to have a disability - you’ll get treated well, at least monetarily once your case is proven to Social Security, and you won’t have to spend a dime on treatments. We all age & retire someday anyways, and it’s just as “downhill” then as it is now.

If you don’t acknowledge it as a disability, you’re going to make life harder on yourself - people who don’t have SZ have it SUPER easy, and there’s no competing for jobs & positions in reality with them.

Think of it as retiring young ;), and spend your time pursuing things you genuinely love. That’s what I do.