Sz is causing me to sink to hedonism

Well, it’s easy to blame it on the sz. Actually, what does indulging have to do with mental illness unless it’s brought on by an inactive mind?


There was a French poet, Baudelaire, who asserted that hedonistic crimes like drunkenness and sexual excess were caused by boredom. Are you bored? What can you do for stimulation? On the other hand, a little pleasure isn’t a bad thing, IMO. I dunno. My mother was likely very close to SZ and she indulged in what she called “beauty:” cigarettes, brandy, and watching the gemstone shows on QVC. Was there a connection between her mental condition and her hedonism? She would’ve denied it.

I’m sinking like the Titanic, but faster.


why not indulge some?

after all you’ve endured, enjoy what you can!!

hugs, judy :grinning::joy::rofl:

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