Sz genetics

Anyone knows about it? Any good easy websites to read about sz genetics?

What Are Your Chances of Getting Schizophrenia Genetically?

Your chances are highest – 50% – if you have an identical twin with the disorder.

But some people with schizophrenia have no history of it in their family. Scientists think that in these cases, a gene may have changed and made the condition more likely.

Genetic Causes of Schizophrenia

Many genes play a role in your odds of getting schizophrenia. A change to any of them can do it. But usually, it’s several small changes that add up and lead to a higher risk. Doctors aren’t sure how genetic changes lead to schizophrenia. But they’ve found that people who have the disorder may be more likely to have problems in their genes that may interfere with brain development.

Ive been reading about the genetic connection between introvert and sz

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So high dopamine leads to introversion?

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According to that article

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That explains why I wasn’t normal even before sz.

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Ive read some more articles on introversion and sz. Both my parents are introverts and i was curious if there was a greater chance of sz with two introvert parents

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