Sz feeling

the doctor daignosed me as sz

but i dont have any positive symptoms

i had them before getting treated like get violent, quarrel with others, be suspicious

but after getting on meds these symptoms vanished

right now how i feel is like my brain has become numb or dumb, it feels as if my brain is blown off, i have trouble thinking, feel as if i am stoned

apart from these i dont have any symptoms

does anybody feel the same way, can u relate?

r the above sz symptoms?

it feels as if my brain is constantly expanded 24x7

Sounds like the meds are working for you IMO.
You may feel overly sedated? That sounds like what you are describing. I found some drugs are worse than others for that.
What are you currently taking and how long have you been on it?

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This is not recent

I was diagnosed and put on meds 12 years ago

So what I described is over the years

Oh I see. Well you’d be best to talk to your psychiatrist about it I think. If you haven’t had any symptoms for a long time, you could ask for a reduced dose and see if that helps. Just keep in mind the reason you haven’t had symptoms is probably because of the meds. So reducing them could bring them back.

But I don’t know. If you feel uncomfortable atm it can’t hurt to try.

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Yes u r right

talking to the pdoc would be the best bet

Thx for ur advice

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