SZ Fantasy Football League

I’m gonna try to put together a schizophrenic fantasy football league this year. It will be on Yahoo so all you will need is an account there and I can direct you to the team. It will be in a couple months around the NFL pre-season when I get it started. It won’t be taken too seriously and will be totally free. Noobs are welcome. Let me know if you’ve got some interest in it!

SZ fantasy league? I’ll put $15.00 on the Atlantis Roughnecks to beat the El Dorado Mountain Lions by ten points. And I will bet $25.00 that the Narnia Cheetahs go all the way. Sorry, I’m just being stupid. Hope it works out.

I am interested. Don’t know nothing about football but am willing to try. Let me know more details when you get it started.

I wish I knew enough about football to sign up!

I’m pretty sure the NFL is conspiring against me though… :wink: