Sz disorganised behaviour vs mania?

Another question - what is difference between the excitable disorganised behaviour found with sz and the mania with sza?

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I’m actually curious about this myself but I have to assume the excitability in sz is deep rooted from a delusion but I’m not to sure

Not sure what excitable disorganized behavior you refer to. Disorganized behavior from hebephrenia can be an unusual sense of humor, unstructured nonsensical language, senseless behavior like defecating in a chest of drawer, dressing inappropriately with mismatched clothes etc Mania is a euphoric, high energy, hyperactive state that causes sleeplessness, talkativeness, risky behavior etc


Pacing for long time, confused what emotions to feel? Energetic, laugh loud, make repetitive movements with hand, pace more, talk gibberish, mood swings rapidly

That’s my experience

I’ve done the same things. Those seem to be disorganized behaviors and they could occur during mania, but mania is probably more related to how you feel at the time, not just feeling energetic. That you are having mood swings shows it’s not mania which is usually of longer duration. Hypomania and depression can swing back and forth I’ve heard. Anyway, this is something you should talk to a health professional about.


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