Book Club (poll)

Well I am used to it, I need to keep my eye pressures low so that there won’t be any damage in my eyes, I had a laser operation two months ago and I use eye drops daily, I am hoping that my eye pressures are low in the next check-up in this month, yes it sucks, but it would suck more to lose the eye sight.

Yes, I have listened some audio books, but it was long time ago. I used to borrow these books at libraries.


The library I go to has many English-language books as well. So I might be able to borrow.

Audio books are a shortened or re-arranged version of the original book, right?
But at least you can get the idea…

I think this one is complete… Not sure haven’t listened to it all, but starts the same!

This is brilliant Minnii! :+1:

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It depends on if they are abridged (shortened, possibly rearranged) or unabridged (should be the complete book). It should say which it is on the cover.

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If some of you are not up to reading - well listening to the audio book on youtube is OK and I don’t think anyone should be excluded from having their in-put. Just my thought about it.


Reading is still a little difficult for me, but this can be a great motivation to finish a book.
I need a little pressure to finish one.
If it’s too difficult, I might give up, but at least I’ll try.
It would be fun to discuss.


What do you think - leave the poll for 24 hours to give everyone a fair chance to vote?

Yeah sure, tomorrow morning I’ll close it and we have a winner :smile:

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Yep - good idea!

@Minnii, One Hundred Years of Solitude for me will have to be a dead-tree book wherein I can go at my own speed. That audio version doesn’t give me time to digest the images. I’ll take a look at the sample at Amazon.


Oh no!!! :cry:

lol, whatever is best for you, I’m going to read the book as well :smile:

I’ve read so many E-books lately that I’d like to do one the old fashioned way.for a change.

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I was going to say that I have an awesome site where you can download books. But I wont post it here, if you want it I’ll send you a pm.

Please PM.

BTW, what about reading some Jorge Luis Borges stories. Wouldn’t short stories be easier for people who have trouble with long stretches of concentration?


Maybe Aleph, but he’s always a difficult read lol

Bukowski, i vote for Bukowski :joy:

You can vote on the next one! :smile: Will you join us on the club?