Synesthesia and off hallucinations

So the past few days I think I’ve had synesthesia… Is this common?

Like one example is I was listening to music when I saw in the corner of my eye a beat following thing/ sound wave that matched the song.

When I was eating popcorn the other day I was tasting my smell hallucinations (eating popcorn it tAsted like blueberries and everything had been smelling like blueberries)

It’s happened to me pretty often, and I know schizophrenics who have synthesia, so I don’t think it’s anything to be worried about

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One time I smelled spaghetti with meatballs you know that tomatoes sauce. Yum! Only thing I hate is that I have to go buy it to make it! But nowadays I’m just satisfied with rice cakes :slight_smile: maybe because I trying to lose weight. Nothing to worried about. Cheer bye

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