Have you ever had the experience of not talking to someone for years , and suddenly they pop into your head. The next day they call. It seems to happen to me a fair bit, is it just me?

I don’t consider it an unusual belief, but an unusual phenomenon


I used to experience synchronicities with volcanoes. So when I had a very emotional experience, I noticed a volcanic erruption on the news enough times for me to think… Wow… The world is connected somehow… But after psychosis I’ve changed… Of course the synchronities were through the roof during psychosis but that’s the illness. And then now I sometimes get addicted to looking for synchronities so I try to cut it out all together, the search, because it just becomes exhaustive and I don’t know if it is meaningful. Ofcourse on this forum this idea is seen as a delusion. But out in the real world there are non psychotic people who believe in these things.

I don’t know if I do believe in meaningful coincidences. It is easily to fall into the trap of ‘synchronicity’ addiction though so I try to not make it important in my life. As much as possible. I try to cut it out, the search for ‘synchronicities’ for that very reason.

I don’t want it to interfere negatively with my life.

I agree, if you’re going to obsess over it that is very unhealthy. I don’t look for it, I just notice it from time to time.

It especially happens with a good friend of mine, Doug. We won’t talk for a year, I think of him when I’m out for a walk and bang, he phones me that night. I think it’s cool

But if you’re looking for it, you will read too much into things I would imagine

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Yea it’s not helpful to overthink these things in my case. It is just detrimental but very tempting to at the same time. Because the thought of the whole world being connected like that is exciting. But I suppose it is kind of grandiose to think I can make volcanoes errupt. Not all of them, but just sometimes. I suppose I might need to try harder to stop that kind of thinking but idk how.

Yea your experience sounds cool. It just feels sort of magical… Doesn’t it.

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There’s nothing that says you cannot have Beauty in your life… I also believe that everything in the universe is interconnected. Don’t ask me how, or why, everything just seems to point in that direction. The stars are beautiful, that’s all I need to know

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