Sync feelings

I get this agitated symptom in my chest. It occurs at night before sleep. It’s menacing in that it feels or tells of harm. It’s a bitch to control. Maybe it’s trazodone side effect. Or something else. It’s triggered by sounds as I try to sleep. So I guess I’m just symptomatic during that time. It’s synchronized with feeling from other’s voices. It is a gradual feeling that peaks and stops when I attempt to not feel that way.

I don’t experience it during the day. It’s probably a pissed off symptom reaction when others are making noise and I am trying to sleep. Thx

At least it stops at some point. I’m taking it that it’s a bit like a low level panic? I get that at night when it’s too quiet. When it is too quiet, the head circus likes to play. Then this sort of low level panic starts to happen.

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Hello J, yeah at least it stops but only to reset itself. I don’t know exactly what you mean by low level panic. Possibly. Me and you are a bit opposite. The symptom leaves me when things get quiet. I assume you need like at least white background noise so the silence isn’t maddening. Do you leave on some sort of sound? My mom becomes panicked if I turn off her lights. She sleeps with the lights on I don’t know how she can sleep like that. tc man

now that I think about it… to much quiet and I’m not doing well. I have a kid sis clunking around and she usually always has something playing in the back ground or she’s playing her piano. Or there is the ocean or the birds or fog horns. Something… too much quiet is not good for me. I don’t do well in silence.

Low level panic is sort of an irritated anxiety really. I’m sort of anxious but I’m sort of restless and there is some irritation in there and then I get sort of fidgety. Then I think someone is breaking into the place. I have to get up and pace around until it settles down.

A little bit of back ground noise does help me sleep.

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Irritated anxiety is an accurate description. I can tolerate low levels of TV noise. But not if it’s pronounced. I tried sleeping in my tent in my backyard years ago and I could not do it. I mean the outside noise was amplified and I felt vulnerable. I’m now out on my bike looking at a nice sky slightly cool breeze and a small canyon like quarry. It’s great.

:boom: right there… bang. Add some ocean or a river in that canyon and I’m in heaven.

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Oceans and rivers are a long trip from here. Last time I was around some ocean was at coco beach Florida years ago. The wind was gusting and it was approaching dusk. There was a couple walking the shoreline. But it was a panoramic blissful sight and sound to experience.

You aren’t worried about sharks when you swim way out there?

I have a cd I play at a very low volume - it’s choral stuff and I’m so familiar with it that it lulls me off to sleep.


Anywhere but here, I would probably be cautious.
But here in the North West… Sharks don’t like the orcas… and the orca whales have excellent eyesight and smell.
They can tell a human way off and they don’t like us. We’re not a fun treat compared to a salmon or small seal. So there are few breach hits, where a whale has jumped and hit some one… but no orca has eaten a human.
Some of those seals have attitude, but they just like to tip me off my board.

That’s Seattle with the space needle and the orcas do live in the Puget Sound.

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One night about 6 months ago I dreamed the space needle fell over. I’ve never seen it. Just thought I’d throw that in like a fish to a dolphin…porpoise?

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Wow thats communication with the sea life man thats cool. Awhile back I seen a youtube video where an orca didn’t like a kayaker and made a big splash on top of him. I seen some seals for the first time in Kodiak harbor years ago. They were diving in coming up. I cant remember clearly but I think they were blowing water away from their snouts. Months ago I was out kayaking in gator territory, and I didn’t even notice until he could of had me, a 9ft gator swam right behind me 20 yards away.

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I have a play list of beats makes me nod off.

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It’s funny how you get used to what you know… Orcas don’t bother me… gators? I’d freak. I know I would.

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Yeah that is funny. Gators are mostly laid back. They like sun basking on a bank. Orcas would probably scare the out of me.