Symptoms only at home

Hey, guys just join the forum. Need some help of advice regarding this. Dose anyone else have Symptoms that only appears at home?

Like neighbor talking about you. I do have very thin wall and easily can hear things in night. Or sound of TV. Some of the sound I was able to recorded into sound.

It’s just that my symptoms only appear when I am at home. I am not so sure if it is real person or spiritual realm talking stuff.

I been on vacation or any other place dose not have this type of Symptoms. Dose anyone has similar situation like me?


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Hi! Welcome :smile:

I have the inverse effect, only outdoors, at home its pretty peaceful.

I think it’s not real.

Do you live alone? As would think you probably just spend too much time alone. We are social creatures and need to be social. SZ does mess with that though and the more withdrawn we get, the more it tends to aggravate symptoms.


really?.. so at home there is no effect?
I don’t know which is good or bad. I keep going around coffee shop and library to study… yikes…

Sometimes when I go to bed I hear stuff but its been better over time, the meds are starting to work on that

Yes, my parents passed away bit early. Could this be a link to symptoms? like shocking events? They were also separated early stage of my developmental life.

I been stop taking med since 2years ago. I don’t know whether I should take them again.

Issues like trauma and grief do add to our symptoms. If you come to terms with them it will reduce the symptoms your suffering. It’s where therapy comes into play.

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Maybe its time to go back on meds, if you’re feeling symptoms like those you described. Why did you stop taking them?


I couldn’t tell if this is real or not. Because sometimes I was able to record the sound in cell phone… yikes…

What is the sound like?

well, the problem is through my ear I could hear clear as voice. but through my phone. with max volume and headphone at full blast like garbling voice you can hear the audible voice at bit of parts of recording though.

Now, If I only had that parabolic super microphone… with noise filtering…

If you want my honest opinion, the mind plays tricks on you and you should get back on your meds as soon as possible.

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Oh and just thinking If I had the super memory to record the entire sound and that could be only perceived by me. I tested on one my friend he was able to hear audible voice but not able to understand what the content of conversation was…

Actually, after that I went to talk to the neighbor… they were embarrassed and told me getting divorce… I guess they were having some serious fights.

When I’m at home… with my feet up… in the apartment were I feel safe… a lot of the symptoms decrease. I can be very rational and calm at home… unless the walls feel like they are closing in… then I have to get out of here.

I also live in a place with good insulation so I don’t hear my neighbors or some of the outside noise. That does help

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Could be anything…Some even hear stuff from empty apartment next door. Could be your head or just noise from empty apartment as bad joke. Common is neighbors who follow you around the apartment if they are above/below you, cooking fire man over and over (move fast) and neighbor who blasts the stereo so loud it will interrupt your ability to work. I’m now avoiding living in apartments as my problem makes younger neighbors symptomatic and some are a really messed up approach when their ‘brain is stimulated’ according to peer advocate lady. I’m living in cheap area so can afford to try renting detached houses so I don’t get screwed out of apartment again by someone nutty & disruptive enough to run off other tenants too.

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Yikes, I wish I could afford to live at stand alone home.

I usually only have my more intense and severe symptoms at home yes, it’s linked to my traumatic experiences I had when I was young I think. But then again I showed schizophrenic symptoms at age 2 so maybe the reason is different I don’t know!

I think when you’re home you’re alone right? Sometimes when you’re alone with your thoughts your symptoms become more apparent then they are when you’re distracted with the world around you.

My symptoms get especially bad at night for that reason.