symptoms of schizophrenia


what are the first symptoms of schizophrenia? how did u know u have to go to a specialist?


Most of the symptoms are pretty non subtle, and a doctor will tell you


Start feeling strange like things seem distorted
Feeling people are watching you
Hearing voices
Slipping into delusions
Low mood


I had really bad derealization/depersonalization. I could not function at all. I thought I was in a parallel universe or the matrix. Reality seemed, looked, and felt off. I had depression and psychomotor retardation. Problems with executive functioning were present.

My first therapist thought I was allergic to something in the energy drinks and that I had acute stress disorder from a bad trip.

I had cognitive decline with has worsened and sometimes has gotten better over the years.

There were other things too.


You get paranoid, start thinking about conspiracies or plots against you, and start hearing voices in your head. At that point you already need urgent help (meds and hospitalization). Some sufferers experience such episodes and then regain their lucidity, while others stay delusional for life. The sooner you get treated, the better your outcome.


If you hear voices you’re totally f@cked