Symptoms Improving

I am getting better from my break two weeks ago. The doctor added Quentapine a week ago monday in addition to my Haldol. Haven’t been in psychosis for a few days now and the belief that people were reading my thoughts and paranoid has settled down. I guess now I will again have to start dealing with prickly opinionated mind again. Maybe start working on that tact in a few weeks.


Good news :slight_smile: Hope you continue to improve

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Quetiapine is a weak antipsychotic but it works for me and certain others.

Hopefully you won’t get negative symptoms from this episode, those suck.

Weird how you had a break while on meds, I guess meds only do so much, right?

Congratulations on feeling better @FutureAlex
Way to go!

How do U know…???

Quetiapine works for me. But it sure sedated me big time for a year or so.

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That’s how doctors prescribe these days. They medicate enough that you can function, but not enough to remove symptoms entirely or they end up leaving you over medicated, comatose, and in a puddle of your own drool. The new normal is that we have to learn to deal with a certain amount of symptoms on our own.

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I can’t remember where I read it but ziprasidone and quetiapine are weaker.

I was doing ok for a long time on 100 mg injections of Haldol. I had quite a few stressers in June, July and August and started Rapid Cycling with the bi-polar portion of my sza. Then the schizo symptoms broke to through. The 200 mg of quentapine were to get me out of the rapid cycling - at least they didn’t put me back on 800 mg of quentapine.

This is great news! I hope you continue to improve

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It’s always good to hear someone getting better :slight_smile: Congratulations.