Symptoms exacerbates when

When i have depression
When i have low blood pressor
When i feel remorse
When i dont get enough sleep

How about you…

There doesn’t seem to b any rhyme or reason to my voices to b honest. They come and go as they please regardless of what’s going on in my life. U would have thought that they would have been worse when my husband was ill and died as I was under a lot of stress but they were quiet as mice. They started getting bad about 3 months after he died. Bad for 6 months then quiet again for 4 months. They’re just starting to get bad again now. I don’t know what triggers them tbh.

When I’m around people

yes just like pob when around people I don’t know,
lack of sleep.
and weirdly when its windy.

Stressed out or too tired. Those two things will do me in every time.

When i’m around people, when i’m stressed, or when i’m depressed