Symptoms come, symptoms go

These symptoms of mine are the most mysterious things I’ve ever dealt with. At age 24 they began and lasted until I was 29. From 29-31 I experience none whatsoever, nothing, not even a strange thought. Then a month ago I’m riding in the car with my mother and I notice I feel as though she can hear my thoughts. The next day the virtual telepathy began again after a two year hiatus. After a week of this I begin questioning whether perhaps I did have some sort of lobotomy procedure…becoming more and more convinced of this as this is what I remember.

This lasts three weeks, virtual telepathy and stronger and stronger delusions, but nothing compared to what I’ve been through in the past. Then the other day I realize I haven’t had a symptom all day…and then the next, and then the next…symptom free nearly a week now.

The new therapist I’m seeing now at the mental health center actually asked me whether I’d like to wait it out and see what happens rather than make a med change. This greatly increased my trust of these people as I once had a terrible experience with a mental health professional. But I may, I hope, be able to trust in these people.

But wait it out was the correct choice here luckily. I know I am very lucky despite my terrible, terrible luck otherwise. heh.


that is great news, good on you.
take care