Symptoms and how I cope

Symptoms and how I have worked to cope.

  1. Illness started age 15
  2. Have spent 6 years trying to get a college degree
  3. exhausted myself trying to maintain work
  4. Can I work?
  5. do I qualify for help

—noise, stress, paranoia

Found out at practice hearing that I become manic/am always manic but have an episode about twice a week. Found out I have a major episode twice a year.

Was advised to begin Aristada for 3 month injection, because it will maintain normalcy better and keep me consistently level.

Had to explain to lawyer what its like hearing voices and delusions while trying to work.
Had to face the reality that I can’t change this disease right now.

Burst out crying, kept talking as if somehow saying the right thing would make everything better, feel like I talked too much.

So I’m writing more on paper will try and let lawyer talk and my dad as witness.

Not gonna care if I win. Assume I already won and stop stressing. Because its destroying me to care so much about having extra money and health I think of all the things I could do: get a massage, facial, hair done, nails, clothes, computers, playstation, start exercising, gym memberships…K have none of those things right now and that would be awesome…

I am worthy of love. I am worthy of compassion. I am worthy of health. Even if I can’t express what its like to everyone. Breathe/Serenity. accept the things I cannot change, and courage to change the things I can.

Self advocate and I am really working hard on myself a lot…

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Yes. Get in touch with your inner voice. I do that too.

I too am struggling to work. Last thursday I was struggling with intrusive thoughts while at work, came home and had a minor relapse and was sick until today. I will try to manage it better next time, but it’s not easy because I never know how my mind will act from day to day.

We just gotta keep trying and hopefully find a way to cope although we can’t expect our lives to run very smooth at least we can come to peace with how thing are hopefully and make the best of it. Not giving up.

Just have to remind myself that there is family, friends, work environment, society and not least, myself that I need to try and stand up for. One day at a time…

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You have a good attitude. It’s really hard in your situation and most people wouldn’t be able to have your attitude. I hope you get the help you need

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