Symptom? Telepathy

Is thinking the NSA or some other group had telepathically communicated with you, is that a symptom? Especially if you think you are a terrorist? Maybe I’m on the wrong forum?

Yes, that is a symptom.

Do you hear voices of people claiming to be from these places,?

I heard a voice that said “See you in 11 years.” I read on remote neural monitoring which is an NSA tactic so came to that conclusion…now I’m reading this is common in schizophrenia as well.

Any other conversations with this voice? Do you really hear voices?

Besides that I heard voices that were quiet (all of them were quiet) that they were going to torture me but I forget how that was communicated–it was like half vision half voice. Because I was a terrorist. I’m still not sure if I was one though. But it makes you wonder if the NSA actually contacted you for that reason.

I highly doubt your actually having voices, you would know

Well I did hear them. What else could it have been? I just don’t know if I was a terrorist.

Can someone please help me discuss why or why not I was a terrorist?

I obviously don’t know you, but if you are asking if you are a terrorist or not, I can tell you right now you most likely aren’t. Terrorists know their agenda and purpose behind it. Even if they don’t use the term “terrorist” to define themselves, they still know they are. My first suggestion would be to look at how a terrorist is defined.

terrorist: a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.

Based on my perception of your experience, I think your symptoms are creating a questionable reality for you which has left you unable to process and separate what may or may not be real. It’s actually your concern of “omg, what if I am?” that confirms you’re not. If anything, you’d be celebrating if you were since that would be your agenda…essentially installing fear in others. Instead, you are showing concern which is the exact opposite. :wink:

Thanks for the advice. I’m partially still worried that my family are clones and other people in Hollywood like celebrities.

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