Symptom Severity and Genetic Predisposition

Hi, is there anyone here who is high functioning and the only one in their family who suffers with schizophrenia? Likewise, are there people who have relatives with the disease who are low functioning? Or what about the other way around?

I’m just interested to see if having a schizophrenia family connection has any relation to symptom severity.

Raffa :slight_smile:

I am high functioning and there is no history of sz or psychotic disorders in my family, to my knowledge. However due to the stigma around mental health in my family, it could have just been covered up :confused:

Wow thanks a lot firemonkey - I spent ages trying to find studies like those but I had no luck! Thanks again :slight_smile:

I have SzA. No history of psychotic illness in my family and I’m high functioning. But there have been at least 3 suicides in my family, so they could’ve been psychotic but we just don’t know.

I have bipolar 2 disorder in my family. Depression and hypo mania. I’m the only one with a psychotic mood disorder which I got from doing drugs basically. I would be considered high functioning but I have a hard time functioning on the meds.

I am the only person in my family with delusional disorder. I am very high functioning. Don’t have a total breakdown per person but the whole side of my Mom’s family is/was Nutter Butters.

I have Sz and so does my sister and a couple of my cousins. I used to be low functioning and very dr/med dependent until I ‘woke up’ - so to speak - 10 years ago and decided to take charge of where my life was going. Now I’m high functioning and perhaps the sanest person in my family. My father and siblings are all overly emotional and reflexively reactive where as I’m calm, in control, and emotionally strong in a compassionate way.

I have sza and after my diagnosis I got on meds and got my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from a Cal State university, so I figure that makes me high functioning. I work part-time, too.

I have an auntie who has delusions and paranoia but as far as I know, has never heard audible voices or hallucinations. She has never been treated for sz.

I have a cousin who started to act strangely, he laughed to himself and stopped bathing. He never got diagnosed but I suspected it was the beginning of a psychotic episode. Shortly afterwards, he committed suicide at the age of 24.

Other than that, I am the only one with such a severe illness. I have another cousin who is bipolar and I am szA so maybe bipolar runs in my family.

Never met my father so I have no idea about the other side of my family.
Hope that helps!

I have psychiatric-grade history on both side of my family : SZ for my father who has schizoïd profile and active manic depression for my mother. So that, I have a solid underlying schizotaxia well triggered and activated by my personal history. Now I have some high-functioning abilities mixed with low-functioning ones. Some envious SZ coworkers or bad care professionals only want to see the high-functioning aspects but I can assure that the low-functioning aspects of my personality are very debilitating and disabling.

Bipolar and Autism run on my dad’s side of the family. My family is also full of drug addicts because they are poor and never were able to escape their abusive families.