Symptom of frustration

The symptom of assholedness was apon me more than an hour earlier. I was wanting to use a public computer and a guy next to me kept grunting and the guy infront of me gave me the impression that he was looking down on me like I was a piece of trash. I kept making looks to see if the guy was looking at me, but he wasnt. I still had a strong vibe that he was trying to be a meanie weenie by staring at me, but he wasnt. I didnt start any conflict so that was good. It was hard to observe without reacting to it or even flexing and fidgeting. I eventually got absorbed into what I was doing and than those damn mind reading kind of “I know what you think and feel” symptoms showed up. At least there were no confrontations and I recognized what was happening.

This is how my mind was for a split second


:dizzy_face: :dizzy_face: :dizzy_face:

It’s definitely better to avoid confrontation. A lesson painfully learned.

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