"Symphonic Schizophrenia"!


I found this video disturbing, it seams okay in the first half since the visuals made no sense to me, but in the second half I started noticing words being related to schizophrenia, words like rage, violent, and anger…and visuals of guns, the weird thing is they were aloud to consider this as a creative piece of work ! where is the freaking creativity by accusing people of violence because they relate to a mental illness ? even violent people don’t hold guns and walk the streets, people should know that schizophrenics are not violent, only criminals with a purpose whether they have a mental illness or not, they shouldn’t generalized schizos, they shouldn’t be aloud to perform that stupid symphony.

Winston Churchill Band 2008 “Symphonic Schizophrenia”
Directed by Albert Lo, Brent Johnson, Mike Sloan, Chris Reshulte, and Tony Ruiz. San Antonio at the Alamodome. 5th place overall.


Alex, thank you for showing us this video. I agree with you. The people in charge of the symphony are pretty ignorant.

And yes, you’re right. They shouldn’t be allowed to perform this type of march which only promotes negative stereotypes of the mentally ill. Hopefully the people who live in that community took the time to make a complaint against the band leader who choreographed the march this high school band did.

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well this is pretty offensive. not all schizophrenics are angry and or violent. I was the angry type, and i was violent one night, but most arent like me. I was only violent once, and i was incredibly drunk and on antidepressants, and alcohol and antidepressants dont mix well.

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I’m NOT violent at all unless I’m too drunk.
My kid brother is not SZ, he got drunk and beat up and stabbed my kid sister, and trashed her car with a baseball bat. She now has a black eye, stitches and no car. It had nothing to do with SZ.

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I remember this one from the old forum and I liked it so much I found it again…

BringChange2Mind PSA “Schizo”: 90

It’s on Youtube and I don’t know why the actual video isn’t uploading. So it’s a copy paste job with this. Very worth a view.

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one reason why some people stigmatise sz would that it’s unknown to them, i found people become weary of the unknown leading to a some what fear of sz


I like it so much, it’s a good add

here is the link


This guy keeps coming up and not the video. Even on the 60 second version this guy is coming up in the post.