Sydney Australia

Anyone here from Sydney ,Australia?

I’m new, but maybe let’s start with “Anyone from Australia?”. At least that doesn’t rule me out lol

I’m from Melbourne and currently live a couple of hours drive away from it.

Im from Adelaide Australia

I’m in Melbourne

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Poly,Mozart Turtle.I have been through Adelaide on the Indian Pacific, but never been to Melbourne, but met an interesting girl from Traralgon way back in 1995.

I had lived in Newcastle for 10 years but now am living in China as my husband found a job here. I will come back to Australia once my hubby gets retired from his job. So hello to all of you guys and gals who are from Australia.

I’m not from Australia, but we had a foreign exchange student from Australia a long time ago when I was in high school. He was from a town named Cooma, I think. He was a pretty forminable young man.

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Then you met someone from the town I most recently worked in. I worked for DHS. No one is supposed to know they have an office there though, so hush hush lol

I wish there was a SZ forum in Australia then I would definitely join in. But anyway, I have been thinking of to host a website for Aussie SZ. Once I am not so busy and finished the writing of the book I will probably create a forum anf host it myself.

Sounds like a noble goal to me. Perhaps when you’re ready to launch I might be functional enough to help out. :slight_smile:

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Im in melbourne
Aussie aussie aussie!!!

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