Sword handed


Do men shave by threat of a sword? I view it like a two year old. What’s going on with the shaving?


Chordy, everyone knows that men shave with a chainsaw…



I know, I’ve got to stop being a google eyed child about it and walk away.


I shave because I don’t want a beard, I dunno where the tradition came from truthfully…

but men used to wear wigs too lol!


Shaving’s not fun. Always a chance of cutting our face to ribbons. Women are also the worst on comments of this. Stubble also looks totally awesome. Aftershaves made of alcohol so burns the crap out of our face after we have shaved. Imagine a cut on anywhere on your body and think what it would be like if you added alcohol. But it’s on the most sensitive place our face so more sensitive. Worse if you shave everyday. Women are the worst on aftershave comments also. Either too much or too little.


I tend NOT to shave every day either, because I get (razor burns) on the sides of my mouth. It’s horrible lol


Our provider’s husband has had a beard as long as I’ve known him.


Oww look crap got through the censorship!