Switzapples UP DATE

Hey fam!!
So I saw the psych today for the first time since my break last Monday night
It was sooo refreshing. I feel I can be my self with him. So I stopped repressing every feeking I’ve been having. Tried my hardest to un dissociate my self
He quickly dx me with SZ. I was not diagnosed by him personally but at a baker act facility over a year ago,

He gave Latuda 20mg that will be increased to 40mg after 7 days. 1 hour after taking it, the colors came back !
Increased abilify from 10 to 30. My dad increased it to 20 last Tuesday
Wants me to have injection but it’s soooo expensive for minors even in pill format
AND gave gabapentin 100mg 2x daily. Praying this makes them nicer to me
And left Zoloft the same, 150 whattt
Even better, he mentioned SSDI which I’ve been looking into. IM SO HAPPY I HAVE HIS SUPPORT!!
Im starting therapy there. Group and individual. Thx Goodness for my family

I showed him my tin foil hat, he loved it :smiley:
I love you Doctor

Love you all


i made a tinfoil head band once. It worked for a little while


I hope all goes well. keep us updated on your progress. its nice to hear positive stories.

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Sounds like you’re getting the help you need. Glad to see you’re back on track. :sunny: