Switching back to my beloved lexapro

So in the end trintellix wasnt doing enough for my depression, was feeling the dread inside me constantly. Cymbalta is too hardcore for me. Lexapro is good for me, I just stop it due to insomnia. I need to stay on it for awhile, only on lexapro I was able to hold a job.

My son who is 18 takes 15mg Escitalopram and he is very happy with it. He is prescribed it for anxiety, (and being the only true ssri as all the others alter other neurotransmitters as well as serotonin) it is easy to understand if the mental condition is caused by serotonin alone or by something else.
He doesn’t seem to have depression anymore either. He sleeps well on it, and I don’t think Escitalopram is known to cause insomnia for most patients.
Do you have problems with insomnia anyway?

Without antidepressants I sleep well, just lexapro stops my chronic sleeping and im annoyed with it, sometimes thankful. Its not that because of insomnia, I have just difficulty falling asleep, but when im asleep, I sleep well

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