Switching Abilify to another med

I’m thinking of switching Abilify to another med on Tuesday this week. I’m hoping it would be something from SDA type of meds rather than MARTA type of meds.
The side effects I have on Abilify are: tongue that moves involuntarily, increased appetite.
I’ve been on Abilify for 6 years now so I’m worried if my doc will ok…
But I hope I’ll find a med that works best for me.
I’m sure there’s something better than Abilify.

Anyone switched to another med from something you were on for years? How did it go?

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Best of luck for med change…:+1:

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That’s what i want to do now.

Good luck @bananatto

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If it aint broke don’t fix it?

Abilify didn’t work for me, but if it did I’d still be on it! They switched me back to Olanzapine(ZYPREXA) 15mg which I believe is a SDA type of med.

I’d say things like it are more sedative, so you’ll sleep a lot on them. They will promote your apertite a lot more and some of them can even make you lactate and enlarge your breasts as a man.

Is the main issue your involuntary movements? As they might be able to give you something for a med that is probably your best bet for the time being.

Having involuntary movements in the mouth area (tongue) while on an AP is not acceptable.

It could be TD - this can be permanent.

Switching to another AP might be for the best.

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Today I went to see my doc and asked to switch Abilify to another med. He said it’s better to stop Abilify gradually so reduced Abilify dosage from 4.5mg to 3mg then add a new med 4mg.

See how it goes. If this will stop my tongue’s movements then I’ll stay on those meds but if it won’t, I’ll stop Abilify and increase the dosage of the new med to 8mg(equivalent to Abilify 4.5mg).

What a relief. I was thinking about switching meds for monthes. It takes courage as every med has side effects and also stopping meds you took for a long period of time might cause withdrawal symptoms. But anyway I finally brought it up!


Good for you @bananatto - Well done! :slight_smile:

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Seroquel and latuda have the least side effects.

Depends on the person really…abilify gives me no sideeffects. Latuda made all my symptoms even worse. Seroquel I’ve only taken as a prn for sleep in the hospital…I imagine it doesn’t have much sideeffects though cuz they prescribe it often for sleep to people who don’t even have sz!