Swinging arms while walking?

Someone posed this question on the Wrong planet autism forums. I wasn’t sure as it’s not something I’ve ever consciously thought about. I went out this afternoon to see. The answer- I don’t .

  • I always swing my arms
  • I sometimes swing my arms
  • I don’t swing my arms

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I guess I swing my arms.
Tbh it looks a little robotic and unnatural when people don’t.

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Yea my mum does this. Me not so much

I swing my arms too much hahaha

I guess I swing my arms but not dramatically.

IS it like shaking or…?

No, when you walk do your arms move too?
Like back and forth - swing.

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I make a conscious effort to swing my arms when walking, it doesn’t come naturally, but I do it to look more normal.

Having said that, I think even normies don’t swing their arms much?

My right hand is moving while left one is like numb.

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