Sweets carvings

I said to myself I will not indulge into sugar sweets anylonger, but I fell for this apple pie. (Kinda small, not very sweet).
Looke like I can just not hold myself.

What sweets do you carve for? Any strategies not to fall for it?

  1. The best strategy is not to have sugar in your house. If you don’t have them around you can’t eat them.

  2. Get your groceries when you are full (or online).

  3. Purchase healthy snacks you like that are filling, like celery and peanut butter (fats + protein are filling, carbs like fruit and candy are not). I eat a lot of nuts!

  1. Not too much sugar in the house, but even if I get a tea I would drop like half little spoon of sugar.
  2. I do not shop online for food, but usually I know what I want to get
    3.i bought almonds, the other day peanuts, or sun flower seeds. But I keep eating those. Like I do not want to stop. Sign of boredom at work.
  3. There are few things I enjoy eating lately, a vegan icecream and that apple pie. I droped the icecream, but today I fell for the pie.
  4. I have munchies and looks like is best do not ha e the first meal. As soon as I start eating is very hard to stop

I secretly crave for plum cake, coconut bun which is too sweet, and dark chocolate (55% or more cocoa)… those are not healthy. But I try to balance by eating less other times. Seems to be tough to maintain weight using Olanzapine. Is there alternate medicine that I can use that does not give me craving for food most of the time?

Olanzapine give the most carving out of all (weight gaining) and really brings up blood sugar level.

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You can bulk up on veg, if you get cravings eat a cucumber and a few bell peppers until you’re physically full. The craving will not be met immediately but short after. Eventually you’ll learn to love veg and sugar cravings will subside. But you will have to cut them and other simple carbs out: in my experience, cravings get much more if you have a little of those as opposed to none at all. I’m also on olanzapine.

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I will try that out. What about clozapine it seems to be working well as well I suppose.

Yea need to have more veg and fruits than the sugary items.

I sometimes cave for ice cream.

Seems like clozapine is next to olanzapine as far as carving goes. Clozapine it is used to treat only sz, but olanzapine is used for sz and Bp as well.

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Hmm. Thanks for the info. Will check with my pdoc.

I’m on clozapine and crave sweets…I can’t keep them in my house or I will binge on them.

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