Sweeteners not 'healthy and safe alternative' - study


Wow heart disease. Never knew that thanks for the article


News flash: Being fat is even more dangerous to your health.


Sugar substitutes are probably one of the worst things you can put in your body.
I’d rather consume some sugar then artificial sweeteners and I’m diabetic.


Well, sweetners helped me lose weight in the past. A 9% higher risk is negligent compared to the risks of obesity.


Oh, and natural sweetners are not bad for you from all the sources I checked. So you could use those.

Stevia (though has an offputting taste for some)

Monk fruit (not as sweet and expensive)

Swerve (new and higher cost)

Out of those, i like Swerve the best. It also has some benefits for the gut. It’s made from natural ingredients. It works just like sugar in recipes,much like sucralose.


Yeah. I put swerve in cheesecake. I use half sugar and half swerve. It tastes better that way.

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Ive been able to actually lose weight using splenda and it was recommended by my dietician when i was diagnosed with prediabetes.

Whats the better of the two? Sugar or sweetners?

I have this for coffee at home

My mom used xylitol and I’m considering it too, instead of sugar . Is it any good?


My grandma did sugar substitutes for as long as I remember and she lived till 90 some. She passed from hepatic encephalopathy. I don’t do sweeteners because they give you diarrhea. Plus, they destroy gut bacteria.

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