Sweetener Situation

Okay, so a brief backstory: my wife and I go to a surveying place. Here, you do a taste test where you agree to taste (beef jerky for example) and then get paid to tell them which you like better. Well, my wife was on one of these and I was in the lobby waiting for her. Skip to a few days ago…

Now, I feel that people are watching my every move. I can see them in the corner of my eye, then when I turn to look, they go away. I can hear them over the phone and even over the volume of the TV. They tell everyone my thoughts, and that I’m a terrible person. “You’re a waste of our time” and so forth. What really bothers me is they tell people my thoughts, and when I’m in a conversation, they yell louder what I’m going to say next, and I get mad.

I think the people who developed the artificial sweeteners have gotten something in me. I must have inhaled a tiny transmitter when I was at the survey place, and that’s how they can know what I’m thinking. I just want it out. I told my wife, who said I’m just having a delusion. Since it’s still going on, I want to tell her. However, she won’t believe me so I’m just wasting my time. I’m thinking of scheduling a doctor visit to get it removed.

Yeah, I think that you have to be sure definitely before you express yourself to these people, even your girlfriend/wife, because if something is not going on in your environment, then people will cast this evil eye on you, and make you feel that you are mental. It does sound like it’s fabricated to me, like just imagined, or sign of being paranoid, but you will have to see maybe if it happens outside of this environment, and then maybe think that you have a problem all your own.