Suspicious blood samples

Just wondering if anyone’s experienced this or what it could be.

Before moving back to my parents place a year and then some ago I’ve had three hospitalizations resulting in a weeks stay in the psych ward each time. Every time I showed up at the ER they took a blood sample, and I mean I’ve had blood samples, like an across the board checkup and that only necessitated three vials.

These blood drawings in the ER were filling five vials…big ones…each time. The third time I was with it enough to ask what it was for and whether I’d see the results and I got in response a sly look and a sarcastic sounding “You might someday”.

I mean I’m not saying I’m worried about being cloned or anything. I’d just like to know why they need 15 large vials of my blood. Reminds me of what I can remember of my DUI arrest, they took a cheek swap saying some BS about new homeland security measures.

I’m lucky I’m not the paranoid type I guess. I mean the only thing I have to worry about is a set up, like a plant. Anything else and they’d have to bring to the out and open some truly amazing facts.

Probably just drug check…But, you can get some INSANELY off blood test results because the lab workers are nuts. Can end up in medical care for something else after false positive diagnosis…After seeing some screwed up male doctors here and timed breast cancer for some women going through an argument with someone or family thereof, I changed medical care and do not bother with some of the testing. Cannot talk to psych doctor about this, as some end up with lots of diabetes level tests at one lab and fine at another. Will get forced care if you discuss with psych doctor.

Had some MDs throwing out SPMI (severe persistent mental illness) victims, not due to insurance either. My area is screwed up anyway so some of it is predictable as been pulled on others & hear stories later.

Thinking of it, they took a whole lot of blood from me too.

I had bunch of blood taken too when I was hospitalized. I asked, some is for drug testing…See if you are tripping or mental symptoms. And whatever you took.

a cheek swab?! I have never heard of this.
Did this happen in California, because it’s getting me paranoid now and I want to find out.

Not sure about the US but here in the uk if you are held in custody they do a cheek swab so they have a record of your dna. At least I think that’s what they do.

wow! what happens if you’re not convicted, do they have to toss away your dna or is it theirs forever?

That’s the thing: I think here they reserve the right to retain the sample regardless of whether you are found guilty or not. Pretty scary stuff.

The U.K. Has been going this way for years - but I think the US is quickly catching up.


wonder if they have a database of dna attached to your name, and social contacts…that way they could build an entire profile of you, both DNA and cyber DNA together (cyberDNA like your browsing history/facebook profile).

The time is now, my fellow paranoids! We have inherited the earth!

Just kidding, kind of… this reminds me of how i was rambling about domestic surveillance back in 2003 and everybody was like, peh that’ll never happen here and then boom prism operation prism. :eyes:

Funny you should say that. Someone told me that here when you Re arrested they confiscate your phone and plug it into a machine which copies all your numbers/contacts etc. Crazy