Suspend me Please, Thank you

Dear @anon4362788 @Ninjastar,

Ive hit the scotch again :frowning:

So can you do what you did before and suspend me for 72 hours again (but so i can still read posts) .

Im feeling sorry for myself - after my Daughter didnt want to speak to me -
and unfortunatley ive hit the bottle. Im not sober. And im getting breakthrus cos me jabs due.

Otherwise i will annoy the hell outta you all night with stupid posts.

Sorry - and Thank you, Seth.


Sending you best wishes, brother. Take care of yourself.


You’ve been silenced for three days. Take care of yourself. Remember, recovery is not about never making mistakes. It’s about making the next right decision.


I hope you feel better soon Seth. I also drink quite a bit.

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dont drink too much, it’ll kill you, killed my dad, he died too young

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