Survival Instinct

why are some people able to cope with things that are really bad and prolonged and still get through?

where do they get their resilience from? is it learned or is it inbuilt in them as a natural Survival Instinct from birth or the womb,

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And to answer your question, it is both. We are still animals with instincts built into us. We have survival instincts like “Fight or flight”, and we have a sex drive, but these are stronger in some people than others. But people can be trained to survive. Examples of this are our armed forces and also cops or fire fighters. Resilience can be learned from our environment and whatever we survive in our lives, we are products of the environment we grow up in.

Yeah don’t know. I guess it’s the Citizen Kane syndrome. Something just keeps some people striving for more or to keep going. Basic nature is to survive and reproduce. Was something that came in up in hospital for me a few years ago was a fight for freedom or fight for peace vs the basic flight or fight response.

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For some of us, it was all we knew. We didn’t realize we had a choice.

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