Survey study: Does your social experience influence your mental health?


Hello all forum members,

I would like to kindly ask you to participate in my survey study that is conducted at the Universität Hamburg. The aim of this study is to disentangle the relationship between social factors and mental health by examining their changes and interactions through time.

The survey is available in three languages (English, German, and Indonesian). I hope that by having the survey available in various languages, participants from diverse cultural background will participate. This should help in drawing a more representative conclusion out of the result of the study.

The data is anonymous and confidential. I do not collect email addresses, although it will be requested. Entering an email address at the end of the survey will activate a trigger that will send an invitation to your email in 4-, 8-, and 12-months time. After this, the email address will automatically be recoded into the blank. This method allows me to send you invitations to the future surveys without collecting email addresses.

Moreover, you are entitled to withdraw from the study without giving reasons even after completing the survey by contacting us through email. This can be done by giving us your unique participation code, which will be provided at the end of the survey.

Finally, I thank you for sharing your experiences. Your experience will contribute to our understanding on the role of social factors (i.e. discrimination, exclusion, bullying) on mental health.


Jap Edo Sebastian Jaya,
Clinical Psychology & Psychotherapy (Prof. Tania Lincoln)
Institute of Psychology
Faculty of Psychology & Human Movement Science
Universität Hamburg


I did complete 13% of the survey to get a feel for it. Seems pretty straight forward and explained well.


I’m kind of concerned about triggers. I wasn’t bullied too bad, but it still jerks my paranoia chain.

It is good to participate in these, though. You benefit us all. Research is good!


Thank you very much for completing the survey. Sorry for the lengthy survey, research that links symptoms and various social factors is very rare. So, we could not decide which social factors are important.


Yes, I have to include the triggers for technical reasons. I cannot display questions that are irrelevant, while “forcing” the participants to answer. For example: different language version of the survey would lead to different assessment of ethnicity. You will be asked about which Indonesian indigenous ethnic groups (e.g. Javanese, Sundanese) do you belong to, if you complete the Indonesian version. :stuck_out_tongue: